A.I. Reports

We take care of your daily secretarial compliance. Resolutions, documentation and filings are included in the plan.

Using AI to save money on usually costly reports.

Generate complex reports

Save money

  • AI based reports available from USD100
    As compared to over USD 1,000 as per market price
  • Financial review (Level 1,2, 3 Robo CFO Report)
    Reports on your financial strength and where it requires improvement
  • Management Review (Level 1,2,3 Pro-Series)
    Reports on a management level on the financial status of your company.
  • CFO Market Insights (Industry review)
    Report on looking at local market information and how to proceed
  • CFO Cross Border Report (Market Readiness)
    Report comparing different countries, different industries and the strengths & weakness.

TASK AI CFO Initiative

We see the challenges you face.

We see the potentials of a volatile economy especially during times of uncertainties brought about by global factors (pandemic, natural disasters etc).  During this Covid19 period, we have seen businesses struggle and some prosper. We believe that business growth and prosper is possible only due to insightful information and non-prejudiced analysis. By putting assets at the correct segment at the correct time then the effects multiply and you would gain from it.

But how do we get this information?

You may obtain financial reviews and reports from high tier audit firms and the more established accounting firms. Typically, such reports can cost up to USD100,000 depending on level of technicality. But TASK is able to reduce the cost of these reports to a fraction.

Can TASK obtain these reports?

Yes, with TASK AI CFO, we incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into our systems and generate these reports within 24 hours of submission of your data. Then our AI CFO will turn these data into useful information without any prejudice (if it is good, we will report to you it is good; if it is bad, we will tell you it is bad).

How accurate is TASK AI generated report?

We had compared the AI reports to those generated manually and it turns out to be 98% accurate with 2% anomaly due to technical terms used. Our AI engine uses quantitative & qualitative data gathered for more than 20 years.

Learn more

As someone new to the industry, they might be lost and would like to kick start their venture at the soonest. We are offering a free mentorship program to current business owners at no cost.

As this program is only exclusive to TASK client, what you need to do is just switch one of your business compliance to us. If you can prove that the service that you have is cheaper, we will try to do a price match. If our charges are cheaper, we will give you our price instead of what you are paying. In this way, you will have already save some cost.

Put examples of questions that can be asked
  1. Where can I get supplies?
  2. What licenses are required?
  3. Is location an important factor to your business?
  4. How do you get clients when you first start off this business?
  5. Do I need a huge capital to start this business well?
As we have international clients, you can approach one of them about business overseas. Do take that that if the question is relating to your trade secret, existing business owners have the right not to disclose.

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