For Busy Business Owners – Top 6 Daily Planning Apps To Manage Tasks Easily

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When you are a business owner or entrepreneur, you wear many hats and needless to say, it is critically important to be organised and stay productive despite the sudden curve balls thrown at you occasionally in your daily life. 

Everyday is a new day of challenges and proves so especially when you need to deal with administrative work, customer service, logistics and sales. Throw in a few customer complaints and you can be stuck the whole day, just trying to perform customer service recovery. 

It makes keeping up with the daily activities stressful and frustrating. Hiring an employee or virtual assistant is ideal but only when the dough starts rolling in. 

Therefore we have compiled a list of the top 6 daily planning apps to help you stay focused, organised and productive. 

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1. Trello

This is an easy and flexible visual online application for project management and organisation. Although it is best suited for teams, it can also be used by individuals. Projects can be organised into cards, lists or boards depending on the project needs and what works best for your team. 

Its many tools allow you to see the real time status of projects and who is working on each project. Tasks and deadlines can be assigned to team members with the former categorised according to priority. Trello is a simple yet effective platform to help you manage all your projects in one place.  

2. Todoist

An easy and efficient task management application, it is a to-do list for managers and small business owners. Business owners can remove confusion and disorganisation easily when planning their daily schedule with Todoist. 

Giving a clear overview of what you need to do, this wonderful task management application helps users to easily organise and prioritise their tasks and projects so they do not need to worry anymore about losing track of an important task. Deliverables are achieved as a result of better planning and coordination. 

3. Any.Do

An award-winning personal assistant app created to help busy entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners to organise their lives, this app helps users to organise various tasks, lists and reminders in one central place. 

Integrated with calendar and syncing features, Any.Do helps users track their schedules and progress anytime, anywhere. Location-based reminders are also available. This amazing to-do-list even helps to streamline your grocery shopping experience with its smart grocery list, sorting out your grocery items easily.

It is compatible with Siri, Alexa and other calendars including Google Calendar, iCloud and Outlook so you will never miss uncompleted tasks or meetings. 

4. Evernote

A preferred note taking app for many individuals and teams who want to remember everything, turn ideas into reality and work better together. Evernote was designed with the purpose of remembering everything, you could say it is an extension of the human brain. Imagine that! 

It means you can take notes anywhere, search for information faster and share your ideas with anyone anytime. Users not only can take notes, but are also able to save web pages, projects, to-do-lists, pictures and voice memos easily on the go so tasks and deadlines will not be overlooked. 

5. Buffer

With social media being the cornerstone of marketing for businesses nowadays, automation is necessary to reduce stress for many small business owners. Marketing content can be scheduled across various social media platforms and posted at the best time where your followers will be able to see it. 

You no longer need to worry about posting content during public holidays or vacation time because all these can be scheduled in advance. It also helps you to save time and increase productivity because you can do this anytime when your schedule allows for creating content. This app keeps your audience engaged and grows your brand as well as followers. 

6. FreshBooks

As a busy entrepreneur or business owner, you would also want your accounting processes to be automated, allowing you to access your books 24/7. A cloud-based accounting platform that is designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners, it not only helps you to send invoices, but also tracks expenses and the status of payments etc. 

Additionally, it tracks your time and takes photos of receipts to attach them to your expenses. It syncs to all your mobile and desktop apps so you can access and view your financials anytime, anywhere. Reports are also available so tracking your cash flow has never been easier. 

In summary, there are many free and effective daily planning apps to help you better manage your schedule, social media and accounting as a busy entrepreneur or small business owner. It is just a matter of your own preferences as to which app works best for you. Happy planning! 

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