Top 10 Cloud Accounting Solutions

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It can be difficult to keep track of financial transactions, especially if your small firm is growing quickly. That is why a lot of small business owners want to automate their accounting.

Small business accounting services eliminate the headache of manually reconciling your finances. Many automated accounting systems today take advantage of cloud computing to speed up bookkeeping for small businesses.

This is achieved with automated accounting software, which gives you a location to keep track of all of your transactions, invoices, and expenses in one place. Additionally, this lessens the possibility of calculation errors, which are frequent in manually processed accounting.

Here are the top 10 cloud accounting solutions.

#1 Xero

For business owners who are unfamiliar with accounting, Xero is one of the most popular accounting softwares on the market. It is well-designed and simple to use. 

The fact that Xero integrations are among the most interoperable programs with other systems makes it simple to combine with any other finance monitoring software your company may be utilising. Additionally, it features automated tax calculations connected to IRAS regulations.


One of the more well-known automated accounting systems among local business owners is ABSS, formerly known as MYOB. Along with automatic processing of your sales and purchases, report production, and customisable invoices, it provides a very complete inventory monitoring system.

#3 Sage

With the help of a detailed dashboard, Sage’s Business Cloud Accounting system enables business owners to forecast their cash flow. Using Sage, you may decide where you could spend and save money as well as come up with wise business judgments. Additionally, you’ll be able to issue and manage invoices, which makes keeping track of payments much simpler.


#4 Freshbooks

Intuitive and well-organised company reports are available on FreshBooks’ easily readable dashboard, which also handles automatic tax calculations. This is perfect for entrepreneurs who are constantly managing an influx of transactions because it can handle big billing quantities.

#5 QuickBooks 

QuickBooks truly lives up to its name with the ability that allows you to produce your own custom invoices and sales receipts. With the Quickbooks mobile app, you can take a picture of a receipt, save it, and get fast insights through automated financial reports. And to top it all off, you can connect your business account directly to QuickBooks connectors!

#6 Wave

In addition to being entirely free to use, Wave offers a number of other advantages. This contains a double-entry system, limitless tracking of income and expenses, unrestricted account collaborators, and invoicing in any currency. 

Founders may easily manage their spending due to Wave’s user-friendly and straightforward interface.

#7 Sunrise

One of the most user-friendly free accounting programs available is Sunrise. Your processes may be automatically streamlined across productivity tools like Gmail, Dropbox, and more with the integration of your bank account and Zapier.

#8 Kashoo

Kashoo can satisfy your demands as a business owner whether you need to send out a simple invoice or require double-entry accounting software. It has features like bulk edit choices, OCR receipt matching, and bank connectors to make your accounting process really simple.

#9 SmartCursors

As a multi-currency and multi-entity integrated platform, this accounting software will track all of your currency gains and losses for you automatically in your dashboard. Additionally, it will be able to manage several entities’ accounting, enabling cross-billing, receipts, and money transfers.

#10 Zoho Books

The user interface of Zoho Books is incredibly user-friendly, making it simple to navigate. You can connect your coworkers and accountants to your account for easier management due to its role-based access functionality. Time tracking, bank connectivity, report generating, and inventory tracking are other helpful services for founders.

In summary, using automated accounting solutions provides numerous benefits and greatly improves your efficiency as a business. It is extremely useful for generating reports real time to make informed business decisions. 

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